Best Summer Cocktails to Fire Up Your Game Gambling Times

Best Summer Cocktails to Fire Up Your Game Gambling Times

There’s something about having an icy cool-as-a-cucumber type cocktail to help you loosen up a bit while you concentrate on your casino game strategy.  Now, that being said, there are a million and one summer cocktails out there to choose from but which ones will actually help you take well calculated risks?

The truth is that none of them will really help you with your casino strategy but damn it, it’s officially summer time and sipping a few refreshing cocktails while playing  all of your casino favorites is definitely in order.

Almighty Sangria No, it’s not a girly drink, especially if you’re a wine lover. It’s a mix of wine, club soda, fresh fruit, brandy or contreau and a little sugar for a touch of sweetness. There are a million and one variations and they all go down easy.

Cucumber Cooler Ideally, the perfect summer drink keeps you cool and gives you a bit of a kick and that’s exactly where the cucumber cooler comes into play. The mix which includes lime juice, sugar and cucumbers are all blended and intended to be poured over vodka on the rocks just may unleash a winning combinations or two.

Cherry Mojitos A Cuban mojito goes rogue may be a good way to describe this awesome summer drink. Mix a dash of sugar, lime juice, your best cherries and 1 bottle of sparkling water. It’s a little high maintenance due to the pitting of the cherries but otherwise but worth the wait.

Cocktail Pops It’s summer, so why not get creative with your cocktails. An interesting twist on your run-of-the-mill cocktail is to make spiked frozen pops. So easy and so much fun to make, just make sure not to leave these around for your kiddoes. You can really go wild with these but all you have to do is mix your favorite fruit juice with a bit of vodka, rum or even tequila and voila…

Easy enough right? You can easily make these from home or even ask your favorite bartender to mix up your favorite summer drink and whether you’re in a casino or at your favorite watering hole, they all rock. Join us for more and more daily casino action here at Bodog Casino. Find over 70 online casino games that pay out day after day. Make a name for yourself at Bodog Casino today.