Online Roulette Review

Online Roulette Review

Online Roulette is a gambling game which offers both excitement and big returns which makes it a very popular game in online casinos.

Since its humble beginnings as a mathematical experiment over 350 years ago, roulette has become the most popular and most played gambling game. Over 20 years ago, its subsequent popularity in an online form was a crucial impetus in the rise of internet based gambling.

Nowadays, it is rare to find an online casinothat does not offer all of the popular types of online roulette, as well as Live Roulette versions which offer a home-based live gambling experience.

Online roulette types

Online casinos offer three types of roulette. Whilst the gameplay is similar, they differ in the size of the house edge.

American online roulette

Being the oldest roulette version and the basis of modern roulette, American roulette is played on a board with 38 fields. It includes the numbers 0 to 36 plus and an extra 00 field for the purpose of increasing the house edge to 5.25%.

European online roulette

Being the most popular roulette version in not only real-life but also fiction, European roulette is played on a a 36-field board with a single 0 field which decreases the house edge to about 2.7%.

French online roulette

This roulette version is similar to European roulette albeit with some peculiarities. For instance, the player receives half of their bet back when the ball lands in the zero field (known as the “La Partage” rule). Also, when the ball lands in the zero field on an Even or Odd field bet, the player gets the chance you will get a chance to win your bet back if you hit in the next spin (“En Prison” rule).

Other roulette versions which may be offered include multi-wheel online roulette, premium online roulette, multi-ball online roulette and Live roulette.

How to play online roulette

Roulette is not only a game of luck, but also one of strategy. The game is actually quite simple, despite initial appearances. Bets are placed on single numbers, groups of numbers or other fields like Even, Odd, Black, Red, and so on.


Payouts are calculated in accordance with the odds on the betted field. For example, a single number pays 35 to 1, two numbers pays 17 to 1, three numbers pays 11 to 1, four numbers bet pays 8 to 1 and a group of five numbers pays 5 to 1. Bets can also be made on columns or dozens (1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12) which pay 2 to 1, and if you bet on Red, Black, Even or Odd you will double your outlay.

Strategy and advice for beginners

Strategy is important when playing online roulette, because when a player conducts considered reflection of previous hits, they can adjust their bet sizes and choices to enhance their luck.

The best advice for beginners is to place the majority of bets on the outside fields and to increase inside bet odds by choosing groups of numbers instead of just one solitary number – this will ensure that roulette is not only exciting but also rewarding.